Our current favorites!

This week we’re talking about our favorite products at the moment. From skin care to beauty, take a look at our list of products that we use daily.


  • Essence translucent powder

This product is a must if you want your makeup to last the whole day. Easy application to your skin and it looks completely translucent.

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  • Bergamont essence (in shampoo)

This is one of our new favorites, adding this to your shampoo will increase hair and nail growth. It also leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.


  • Johnson’s & Johnson’s everyday gel wash

This face wash is great for everyday use because it doesn’t dry out my skin and takes all the shine away. Perfect for combination skin.


  • Revlon color stay Foundation

If you are looking for a full coverage foundation without the “cakey” look. This is the one. I absolutely love this foundation and it lasts the whole day.


  • Essence must haves eyeshadows

The new range from Essence Cosmetics – MUST HAVES is great if you want to customize an eyeshadow palette. It is easy for traveling and you can swap out the pans so you always have your favorite colors in one place. You can even add a blush or lip color in there! They are also crazy pigmented, which makes this even better.




  • Essence Setting spray

This product is great when using it at night and you want your makeup to last. This is a favorite as well.


  • Rimmel London Lasting finish foundation

I love this product, it works wonders for dry skin and will last the whole entire day.


  • Essence matt matt matt longlasting lipgloss

This is a handbag must. Easy to apply and smells like chocolate. Who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate? It feels so smooth and even has a matt finish look, which is amazing.

(We love #2 Beauty Approved)



  • Vaseline skin replenishing body wash

If you’re looking for a great body wash, Vaseline has the one for you. This leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.


  • Rooibos face scrub and face cream

Struggling with dry skin is never fun, so to get your skin back on track why not try a rooibos face scrub and face cream and no it doesn’t have perfume in the product.



Let us know if you use some of these products and how you feel about them OR if there is a product you love that you think we should try.


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