The Silisponge ( AKA Silicon beauty blender )

So a few months ago this odd shaped, transparent beauty blender popped up and became the newest makeup must try. We were very sceptical at first because we loved our spongy beauty blenders to death, BUT finally we decided to give this a try.

We saw a few other blogs and makeup gurus give this a try and the results were ALL different. Have a look for yourself –

Here’s what we thought –

At first this felt funny on the skin, unnatural even, but we decided to play with it a bit more.

It doesn’t “suck up” a lot of your product like sponges or beauty blenders do. All the product you apply to this blender goes directly onto your skin, it’s easy to put too much on the first time. While this is a great thing, it leaves streaks in your makeup. It doesn’t have a natural look at all or blends it into the skin properly like a beauty blender does.


It also takes a lot longer to apply your makeup because you have to put it all over your face first and then start “patting” it in. It’s not like any of us wants to spend even more time getting the blend we want. No one has extra time to figure out a new tool.


So we thought we would give it a go on dry skin and maybe that would have a different effect, but even on dry skin the little kidney was no help, product would just not stick to your face and you’d be standing there patting for longer than need be.

We also didn’t like the shape (it’s like a kidney) and it has this little plastic ruffle that sticks out around the edges. We just couldn’t get into all the little places we wanted like under the eyes, around the nose and even blending eyeshadow primer.


This is not a bad product, it just wasn’t for US. We will stick to our beauty blenders thanks. Let us know what you thought if you have tried this OR tell us if you would like to try this yourself.


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2 thoughts on “The Silisponge ( AKA Silicon beauty blender )

  1. colourthoselips says:

    I have a silicone sponge waiting for me to review it. Thank you for your thoughts on this product. Upset you found it doesn’t work. But thinking about it, it would be hard to use in the more smaller areas like the eyes and nose.

    I would love for you to check out my latest post xx

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