Honey face masks

We decided to jump on one of the biggest beauty trends –  DIY face masks!

It’s also one of the top searched beauty  terms  in 2017 so far



We used honey as our base for creating our face masks. Ingesting honey has many good qualities. It helps prevent cancer, reduces cough and throat irritation, heals wounds and burns. It even regulates blood sugar.

Applying honey to your skin has even better results. Honey is said to lighten skin, it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds help to decrease the appearance of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration

Remember when trying new face masks to always spot test them, there is no such thing as one face masks fit all skin types, also to cleanse your face before trying these face masks.


Mask 1 – Exfoliating


2T Honey

1T baking soda


Mix the 2 ingredients in a bowl together, apply to your face. Massage the mixture on your face with a circular motion.

Leave on for 15-20min and then rinse off with warm water.

Honey cleanses pores, calms redness and nourishes skin.

Baking soda exfoliates, removes blackheads and dead skin cells.



Mask 2 – Moisturizing


1.5 TSP honey

2 TSP coconut oil

1 drop lavender oil (optional)


Mix these ingredients together and apply to your skin. If the mixture is too runny, pop it in the fridge for 5-10min and mix with a spoon. Apply the mixture with small circular motion onto your skin.

Leave on for 10-15 min and then remove with warm water.



Mask 3 – Glowing skin


½ teaspoon honey

1 Egg white

1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice


First mix the egg white and lemon juice together until the mixture becomes frothy, then add the honey and mix well. Apply the mixture onto your face. Always make sure that your hands are clean.

Leave the mask on for 10-15 min until it has dried. Wash the mask off with warm water.

This face mask is great for removal of excess oil from your skin, so if you have dry skin don’t try this mask.


We hope you enjoy these DIY face masks and give them a try at home.


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