10 common Makeup mistakes:

  1. Not cleaning your makeup brushes.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is important. Not only will it get rid of acne-causing bacteria, but it will also prevent your makeup colors from getting mixed.How to properly clean your brushes.

Mario Dedivanovic: “To clean my brushes, I first wet them thoroughly with water and rub them gently onto a bar of antibacterial soap. I then rinse them with warm water and wash one more time with a gentle shampoo— Johnson’s Baby Shampoo works well. I like to mix a couple drops of tea tree oil with the shampoo because it has antiseptic benefits, and it also leaves the brushes smelling great. I give a final rinse, squeeze them out gently with my fingers, and lay them on a clean towel to dry.”



  1. Wearing foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone.

Foundation is meant to blend in with your complexion for smooth and natural coverage. What it’s not meant to do is make you look “tan” because it’s too dark — that’s what bronzer is for! Instead of just picking up a bottle that looks about right, have an expert at the makeup counter perform a “color match” test to find the perfect shade — not only keeping your skin tone in mind, but your undertones as well!


  1. Curling your lashes after applying mascara.

We’ve heard it go both ways — but if you want to keep your lashes clump-free (and well, just to keep your lashes), curling should be done before applying your go-to mascara. Curling afterwards will cause them to stick, clump and not just that … but also to weaken and break over time. And we know how important lashes are to you, ladies!

If seriously sculpted lashes are your thing, curl first and then use a mascara that’s specifically formulated to facilitate extra curl!


  1. Making too many makeup statements at once.

Wearing an entire palette on your eyelids AND a statement lip? Too much. Less really is more when it comes to making a true statement. Make one feature pop and let it stand out.

If a bold lip look is what you’re in the mood for, then keep your shadow shades light and on the neutral side. If a smoldering smoky eye is your thing, then opt in for a pretty nude lippie.


  1. Putting too much bronzer on.

Bronzer is there to help shape and bring color to your face, NOT to be used as an all over powder.

Apply bronzer only where the sun would naturally make a shadow on your face. Using light strokes, first apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead, the cheekbones and down along your jawline. Done correctly your bronzer application will be in the shape “3” on either side of your face.


  1. Applying lip liner just to the edges of your lips.

Everyone wants bigger, fuller looking lips. To achieve this bring your liner in to the center of your lips. You can still over line a little, but this method makes your lips appear fuller.



  1. Testing makeup shades on the wrong areas.

We all use the back of our hand to color-match a new foundation or lipstick, but this is all wrong. Your hands have more redness than your face and you should apply foundation to your jawline to get the correct shade. When it comes to lipstick the best way to test is asking the store to disinfect the counter sample with some alcohol and apply it with a lip brush. This way you will get the exact shade it will be on your lips.



  1. Don’t use shimmery face products if you have oily skin.

Shimmery products will only make your skin look shinier and oilier. Instead try matte bronzers, blushes and a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone for highlighting.



  1. Stretching your skin when you apply makeup.

This is one of the worst mistakes we all make. If you are stretching your mouth when you apply lipstick or tugging at your eyelid to get the perfect eyeliner look, you need to stop ASAP! These habits can create wrinkles on your skin and we all know we don’t want to increase this at ALL.

Try to keep your mouth in a “pout” form when applying lipstick and looking down at your nose when doing your eyeliner.


  1. Too much highlight.

We all love highlight- It is one of the biggest makeup trends at the moment. They are constantly bringing out new highlighting products and we LOVE it.But there is something as TOO much highlight. Yes we know it sounds terrible.It is best to keep your highlight to the areas the sun would lighten and highlight your face naturally. Cheekbones (Don’t bring it too low and under your eyes),

It is best to keep your highlight to the areas the sun would lighten and highlight your face naturally. Cheekbones (Don’t bring it too low and under your eyes), tip of your nose, cupids bow (top points of your top lip) and a little in the center of your forehead. That should be all. Don’t go overboard with this trend because it can make your pores look bigger in areas like your cheeks and nose.

We hope this helps you in your everyday makeup routine, we certainly learned a thing or two.


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