Spending my 22nd birthday in Bali !!!

Spending my 22nd birthday in Bali was one of the best experiences of my life. My mother spoiled me with a whole week in Bali, our flight landed in Jakarta ,where we then had a layover for a couple of hours until our flight to Denpasar.

From the airport we had a driver waiting for us. He took us to the hotel, Bali Garden Beach Resort. The Resort was in the hype of the busy street in Kuta beach. It was wonderful.

The first day we chilled next to the pool, just to relax a little the jet lag hit us hard.

The second day we had a driver pick us up and drive us around to the rice farms. How beautiful, I never knew how rice fields looked. I know that’s weird but we don’t have any in the Helderburg area where I grew up. So that experience was all new to me.

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We also visited the monkey sanctuary. All the monkeys roam free. There you can even buy some bananas and feed them. So cute!


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Walking the streets at night was amazing, so busy with the hustle and bustle. Almost like people never slept. We had dinner at the resort and for entertainment, they would have fire dancers parading around.

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The day of my birthday, we were driven to the harbour where we would be taken to a pontoon. It’s a raft like structure not too far from the harbour, where you could have some fun taking part in water sport and sliding down water slides into the ocean.


After lunch we went tanning for a while and then snorkeling. It was my first time, I started hyperventilating because I was so scared and to top that off the water was rough.

When we got back to the resort and finally to the room, there was a cake and flowers delivered, for me. A birthday cake all for me.


I really didn’t want to come back home, worst day of my life. Best birthday ever! The people are kind and funny, the food is out of this world amazing and the humidity is great. Yes, I said it. I love the humidity.

I wish I could return.

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