Testing Pinterest DIY’s

Pinterest DIY

This week we decided to test some Pinterest DIY’s. Below you will find the method and materials needed to complete each DIY on your own. Even tips that we have learned.


1) Marble mugs

Material: White mug, a glass bowl, warm water, nail polish colour of your choice.

Method: fill the glass bowl with warm water, then with the nail polish of choice create a pattern/shape by pouring it into the warm water. The nail polish will drift on the top of the water so don’t panic.

When the nail polish is in the water and the shape is more or less what you want, dip the white mug into the water.

TIP: Don’t double dip the mug, it won’t create the effect that you want.

Once you have dipped the mug, remove it from the water and place it on a dry surface so that the nail polish can dry.



2) Crayon Painting

Material: crayons, a canvas size of your choice, hair dryer and a picture cut out that you fancy. You will also need a sticker cut out of the shape you want.

Method: Cut out the picture of your choice on sticky paper and paste it on the canvas, then with the crayon colours of your choice start melting them one by one with the hair dryer around the picture.

When the picture is outlined with the colours, let it dry for about 10minutes.

After it has dried, remove the sticky paper and reveal the picture underneath.

TIP: After the picture has been placed on the canvas heat up the crayons with the hair dryer, it melts much faster when it has been heated up.




3) Lace bowl

Materials: Balloon, cake flower, water, Mixing bowl, doily/lace and a spoon to mix with.

Method: Blow the balloon up. Take the mixing bowl and mix even ratio of cake flower and water. The mixture should look like glue.

When that is done, take the doily and dip it into the mixture then place it over the balloon. Use the mixture and rub it all over the doily. When you are satisfied with it turn the balloon over and place it in a bowl upright to dry.

TIP: Don’t place too much glue over the doily, it creates an odd milky colour. The glue layer should be thin.

Leave everything overnight to ensure it has properly dried, pop the balloon and remove it from the inside of the bowl that has been created by the doily. A candle can be placed inside as decoration or the bowl can be used as a jewelry holder.


We hope that you give these DIYs a test, it’s so much fun to try at home.

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  1. jellybeen2143 says:

    WOW this is amazing Im hoping to try some of these soon. Also anyone interested in gaming, well girl gaming, swing around to my blog called One girl who games.

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