Ziplining in Ceres

This past week we checked another bucket list item off, zip lining.


I don’t have a fear of heights but this definitely gave me a chill.

The arranged adventure was scheduled for Saturday, we could hardly wait any longer. The drive to Ceres took more or less an hour. When we arrived the adrenaline was pumping, we entered the tour club with a jump in our step.


Zip lining guides helped us get all the gear on and tied everything so that we were safe when zip lining.

We then took a short ride to the mountain peak where the zip lining experience would start. The course took about an hour to finish consisting of 8 ropes that were used for zip lining. We had a short climb to the first point, where we all felt the nerves increasing


The first one being the fastest. With no experience what so ever, I grabbed onto the lever and lifted the brakes, going forward with a tremendous speed. I could feel a scream growing inside me as it wanted to escape, but when I opened my eyes and saw the view I was in awe and all the nerves disappeared.

The fist couple of landings were a fail, no doubt a good laugh. By rope 4 the landings got a little better because we felt more confident jumping off the edge of a mountain and landing on the platform on the other side.


With the gliding view of the river and huge boulders, it was one of the most beautiful ways to explore a new place.

We had a go-pro strapped to our helmets so that the whole experience would be recorded and shared with our viewers, just in case you’d like to give it a go. Check out our YouTube video of our experience. ( YOUTUBE VIDEO )


This was the best feeling ever! Adrenaline pumping through your veins, muscles pain the next day from holding on too tight. What could be more exciting?­


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