What’s in our bag

Ladies we always get accused of having too many things in our handbag, but there has always been a structure to what’s inside. This week we’re showing off just how necessary everything inside our bag is.


The list will not be in any particular order.

The purse: Necessary bank cards, money and drivers license for when the shopping bug bites, this item is a must.

Sunglasses: For those summer days when the sun just gets to much and of course the sunglass selfies.


Earphones: Long car trips, not everyone has fantastic music taste and you don’t have to suffer and listen to anything else except your own music.

Nail kit with nail clippers are for those nail skins that just appear and needs to be removed ASAP.


Nail glue: Just in case a nail tip/art decides to fall off. Not everyone has people following us around making sure everything is perfect, the normal person has to do it all.

Nail file: Nails chip all the time and having a nail file on call can help avoid the nail from splitting further and fixing a small problem before it becomes a bigger problem and the whole nail needs to be cut off.

Pen: Usually more than one pen is required in your bag, just in case one is lost you have another. It’s always a struggle to find a pen when you need one. So having a backup is necessary.

Notebook: There’s always a moment when you just need a piece of paper, that’s why we carry a small notebook in our bag.


Mirror: A travel size mirror for checking up on your makeup and applying lipstick.

Hand cream: We believe this is a must as well as a travel size hand sanitizer. For cleaning your hands when there’s not a tap close by and hand cream to keep your hands soft and smooth. Apply regularly.

Lipstick and lip-balm: we have more than one colour lipstick. A colour for the day and a colour for evening events because there’s nothing wrong with having more than one lipstick in our bag. We also carry lip-balm in case of dry lips.

Tissues: Tissues are ALWAYS handy to have in your bag, just in case you spill something or there’s no toilet paper in a public bathroom.

Hair tie or grips: You can never have enough grips for your hair, we always seem to lose ours. Having a hair tie or grips in your bag is essential when you have plans after work or more than one meeting that day. Just to make sure everything stays in place.

These are the items we carry in our bag. We haven’t listed our phone as an item because that’s a given.

20170424_193423a copy


Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what’s in your handbag and if any items are the same.



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