10 Things to do in Cape Town

The possibilities when visiting a different country are endless and could sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why we decided to make a list of 10 things you should do when visiting Cape Town.


  1. Take a hop on hop off bus and get to know the beautiful city-

The red bus can take you on 3 different routes to see the whole city, enjoying the most authentic Cape Town experience. You can go on the scenic route around the coastline or see the city life and museums.

  1. Take a boat ride to Robben Island, one of our historic landmarks-

A boat ride out to the Island that once held one of the most iconic leaders of South African history, Nelson Mandela. Take a tour through the old jail, see his cell and walk around the island where you can learn the history of this island, prison as well as where some of our culture comes from.

  1. A Cable car ride to the top of table mountain because the view is great-

This ride spanning 112 meters long up the mountain, is your best bet to see the City Bowl and harbor in all its glory. You can walk along the top of the mountain and have a 360-degree view of the beautiful coastline.

  1. Tour the Cape Winelands-

Franschoek wine tour is a must for all wine lovers. Getting on the wine tram, a new take on an old railway car, touring the whole village while visiting the best wine farms and vineyards while on a tram. This is the best and definitely the most exciting way to see Franschoek.


  1. Shark cage diving for the fearless-

Adrenaline junkies will want to make the trip out to Gaansbaai, seeing some of Africa’s biggest Great white sharks on full display. This experience is not for the faint-hearted.  South Africa has a very diverse shark population. A quarter of the world’s shark species, 98 to be precise, of which 40 call these waters home.


  1. Cheetah outreach for the animal obsessor-

Roaming around with the cubs or petting a young male Cheetah, this is where it all happens. With exchange students and volunteers from all over the world doing everything they can to help protect these beautiful animals,  giving you the chance to see them up close. This is one of my favorite places and the most wonderful experiences to have.

  1. Afrikaans language monument, the only country that speaks Afrikaans-

Afrikaans language monument is located on a hill overlooking Paarl. Officially opened on the 10th of  October 1975, it symbolizes Afrikaans being declared an official language of South Africa separating it from Dutch.

  1. Strawberry picking, enough said-

Enjoy the experience of picking your own fresh strawberries right on the Mooiberge farm plantation. What more can we say? This is a must do activity.


  1. Climbing lions head, for the ultimate fitness challenge-

Hiking up to the top of Lion’s head peak, overlooking the city and harbor. The best fitness challenge with the most rewarding view. This is even more spectacular on the Full moon hike. Seeing the moon come up over the city.


  1. Waddle down to the penguin colony-

Enjoy a beach day with the African “jackass” penguins (known for their loud noises), calling Boulders Beach their home.


And if that wasn’t enough, take a drive to Hermanus, watch the whales pass along the coast with the newborn calves and grab an ice cream to finish the day off.

There’s no place like Cape Town.

We hope when you visit our beautiful country this list will come in handy.



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