Our Last Night

Our ultimate best friends bucket list is off to a great start. In February we had the opportunity to see one of our favorite bands LIVE at Mercury Cape Town.



When you become friends with someone, one of the most important things to have in common is your music taste. Luckily for us that wasn’t a problem. We both fell in love with this band about a year ago. We became obsessed, to say the least. As we grew to love their songs more and more and see them cover some of our favorite songs, we hoped that one day they would make the trip to SA so that we could have the opportunity to see them perform.


When we heard they were coming out for rocking the Rhino’s we had a fan-girl moment. I ALMOST started crying. As soon as the tickets were available we bought them, 5 months before the concert. As the time dawned closer we got more and more excited and couldn’t wait any longer.


We planned to do matching outfits to stand out in the crowd, hopefully to be spotted in the sea of people. We designed a shirt and had them printed – The tiger to represent their White Tiger song.

When we arrived at the venue we saw 2 band members Trevor (the lead singer) and Timothy Molloy (the drummer) walk out and get into a car. We knew this was going to be a great night.


When OLN finally came on stage, we were in AW. They are amazing – even better live.

Their whole stage presence, the way they interact with the crowd. Stage dived and crowd-surfed all the way to the bar for a shot.

The highlight of the night was definitely when we made a heart for Trevor and he put his mic down to respond to us and give us a shout out, he even winked at us. Freaking out was necessary.

They even performed 3 more songs after their set, because the crowd was next level. They really know how to keep their fans happy.



The best night of our lives by far. This was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to spend it with my best friend.




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