I have given this week’s blog a lot of thought. Should or shouldn’t I post because there’s a lot of different views on this current topic.

My mom always said when you do anything like dying your hair or getting a tattoo/piercing, the only person you should do it for is yourself. When you start doing stuff for others it will only make you unhappy.

-That’s why I decided to get lip fillers-

Some people will find lip fillers useless and others would understand or get them done as well. The reason I had mine done or just the top lip to be precise is because I didn’t have much of a top lip to be so blunt and overlining didn’t help. As some of you might have experienced.

It never really bothered me when I was younger but the older I got the smaller my lips became. Almost like when your ears grow into your face but with the opposite effect.

I never thought I would have anything done like this but I did it for ME and my confidence.

So this year I decided, I will get my lips filled. For myself. Since I had them filled about a week ago, I feel more confident about myself. Even photos look better because now I don’t have to overline or worry about my lips not even showing on photos.

The day of my appointment couldn’t come soon enough. My nerves were racing, I had knots in my tummy the entire morning. I watched a couple of videos just to prepare myself for what was about to happen. Bad mistake. It just made it worse.

When the doctor finally called me into his office I was so nauseous, contemplating if I made the right choice. He finally injected my top lip and it wasn’t even that bad. Stressed out for nothing. I bruise easily, so my lip was blue but not sore at all. Getting a tattoo or piercing is way worse.

I went home so happy with my decision, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, even though it was really swollen and blue. It looked like I hoped it would.

And now a week later – The results are amazing. It looks so normal as if my lips are supposed to be like this.

Don’t be scared to do something for yourself, and don’t let other people try and convince you not to do what you believe is best for you. Take some risks.

Before Filler ( with lip liner) –



Directly after-


Week after-




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