USA Road Trip

I enjoy travelling and seeing new places, learning how people live their lives and how it differs from what I’m used to. My family and I decided to go on a month long road trip through the southern part of North America.


We started our journey in Los Angeles (West coast) and ended our trip in New York City (East coast).

On the first day I was handed the ridicules responsibility to navigate my dad through the crazy freeway traffic and find our route to the hotel. I’ve never been so afraid that I would wander down the incorrect rode and be lost forever.  Emphasis on forever! 8 Lanes, like really? I’m use to our national routes that only have 2 lanes. We clearly don’t know the correct definition of traffic congestion.


We then traveled to Venice beach, I was impressed. The beach, the walkway. Muscle beach! How can you NOT love this place? Loud music in all the shops right on the walkway. With amazing wall art everywhere you look. I would live there just to go to the beach every day.

Now, don’t get me started on the Hollywood walk of fame. Beverly Hills star home tours and the amazing restaurants. I love LA and the lifestyle of the local people. This place had the feeling of home.


VEGAS baby! I couldn’t calm myself down. The excitement was just too real. It was a 4 hour drive from LA to Vegas. When we got there our hotel was right on the strip in the middle of the hustle and bustle, Best idea ever. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Walking into the Bellagio hotel lobby, my breath was taken away. The MOST beautiful lobby area I’ve ever seen. An Underwater theme with light fountain sculptures, it looked like a fantasy straight from a story book.

Walking down the strip with “yard long” purple cocktails, performers on every corner and the most extravagant shops. I never wanted to leave.



MIAMI heat! Beach bars, Rooftop lounges and the beautiful South Beach. Getting my tan on and sipping the exciting cocktails the hotel has to offer in the hot tub. I had a firsthand experience of living the life as a celebrity. It was fun while it lasted.


Back to reality and on route to ORLANDO. Feeling like a kid again at Theme and Water Parks. Universal Studios fastest roller coaster, Rip Tide Rockit! This had my adrenaline pumping and the rush was amazing.

Aquatica Water Park was amazing. Sliding down from Ihu’s Breakaway falls, an eight story high tower (nearly 80 feet) into a tube and splashing everyone soaking wet at the bottom. Going on Dolphin plunge through the fish tank. With dolphins and fishes swimming all around you in the lazy river around the whole park. This was one of my biggest childhood dreams and it come true.


On our way to Washington DC, on a bus! DC was amazing, so clean, green and pretty. We went to all 19 individual museums of the Smithsonian. What an experience. I saw the Whitehouse and all the monuments. I only stayed in DC for 2 days and it wasn’t nearly enough time spent there.


NEW YORK NEW YORK! I was at a loss for words – WOW!

This busy city stole my heart. From walking through Central park, to the SHOPPING that never ended. 4 story shopping centers that stay open all night, it’s every shopaholics dream.

We took shop until you drop, to the next level.


We did what every tourist in New York does, we did a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty and around Manhattan. Our last night we visited Guy Fury’s restaurant – underground. I was sad to leave but what a way to end an amazing trip.

I loved every moment of traveling to so many different places. Learning about how they live and seeing how different every district in North America actually is. No wander the world revolves around the US. It’s the place to be.

Until our next trip


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