St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

Every person has their number one travel destination. The one place that they add to their bucket list, well St Petersburg Russia was mine.

I dreamed and wished that one day I would be blessed enough to have the opportunity to experience the rich culture. Not just that, I’m extremely obsessed with their language. It just made the whole trip even more exiting to experience a new country with a different language.



My flight landed in Copenhagen Denmark, from there I embarked on a cruise ship that sailed through the Baltic Ocean to Russia. I had a few port stops in Estonia, Sweden and Finland before arriving in St Petersburg.


When we arrived in St Petersburg, our adventure began with taking a hop-on hop-off bus, exploring the beautiful city.


I also had the privilege to attend the ballet Swan Lake and for those who don’t know. Russians are famous for their ballets. It was breathtaking.



We also attended a tour to Catherine’s palace. It was amazing. Catherine the great was the longest female ruler of Russia back in 1762. In the palace ,I’ve never seen so much gold and amber before. It took my breath away. After the tour through the palace, we all came together in the grand hall where they welcomed us with champagne and a folk traditional dance.


The next day we went to Peterhof Palace. It has the most beautiful green gardens and water fountains I’ve ever seen. Definitely a must when visiting St Petersburg. Our tour guide explained that the water features was actually created to prank guests that visit Peterhof. He would take guests for a stroll and then suddenly turn the water on and they would be soaking wet. People had a great sense of humor back then. He also used the water features to put on a great  show. Now every day between 12 and 2 people can watch that water show.


Experiencing everything to the fullest. Walking down the streets into local shops, asking for directions which was pretty hard as they didn’t really understand me and eating local food was definitely making memories to keep.

It was sad when I had to return home. Without a doubt I would return tomorrow if I had the opportunity. I do believe that everyone should travel at least once in their life just to experience something new and exiting.
I’d also like to thank my Mom. She’s my number one supporter and I love her so much. Xx



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