How to stay positive at work

Let’s be honest, the only way to stay positive at work is to not even go to work, but that won’t be realistic.

Staying positive at work is one the hardest challenges we will face in life, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s true.


– I have found that there are only a few ways to stay positive –

Work for a company where you can tolerate the people who work there, because lets face it, the biggest portion of your life you are going to be at work.

Make your own “worklife” fun and interesting. If you become friends with your colleges or take part in fun activities together, you’ll develop a work relationship that can really improve your day to day work environment and even make Mondays bearable.

People say if you do what you love, it won’t feel like working, well I think even if you do what you love and the people that you work with are rude, then waking up Monday to Friday will still be a huge effort.

Work at a company where people like to eat and order takeout, because there’s not one person I’ve met that’s happy when they’re hungry and eating alone is never fun.

Work for a company that buys you cake on your birthday.

Yes that does exist!

If all else fails and you don’t have any of the above mentioned perks at work, try to get enough sleep at night, eat healthy and don’t listen to negative people. They just bring you down anyway.

Remember to always see the bigger picture in life, because it could always be worse, be thankful for all the opportunities you receive in life and don’t take any experience or memory for granted.


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