Things to do before we turn 25

We’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having a bucket list, but never actually had a list of our own, so this year we decided to create one.


-100 things to do before the age of 25-

Creating a bucket list consisting of 100 things was no easy task, it took a few long evenings with wine and pizza, a lot of laughs and some research to finally compile a list. If you think about it, could you make a list? If you’re one of those people that can, well done. We weren’t.

The average bucket list will consist of things you’d like to do before you die, But  this was more of a friendship goal to achieve together, with things we both love to do and adventures that will drag us out of our comfort zones.

Being friends for so long is a blessing. You learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths. You learn when they are moody, having a bad day at work or when they just simply need a hug. After 10 years you’ve learned what food they like and dislike, what type of music both of you have in your playlist and what make up specials gets you excited.

Creating this bucket list wasn’t just putting 100 different things on a page. This bucket list is a symbol of our extraordinary friendship and our love for new adventures.

We will be counting down all 100 things on our list and posting each new adventure/ item we complete. We want to share each moment and hope to inspire more people to get out there and try new things.


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